California Active Shooter Training | Investing in safety and security of your work site
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Civil Investigations

Our team identifies, locates and interviews witnesses for reporting purposes, and will surveil subjects in support of civil litigation.

Family Law Investigations

We locate, contact, subpoena, surveil and interview assets to assist anyone as they go through an investigation involving their family.

Security Consulting

With decade of experience handling security for companies physical locations. Our team can handle threat assessments, and security consultations.

General Investigations

Our team provides asset checks, witness interviews and report production. With our years of experience, we bring the same discipline and know how of a large firm but with the compassion and care of a boutique agency.


Investing in safety and security of your work site

OSHA’s General Duty Clause of 1970 has been amended, holding employers liable to train their employees to recognize the indicators of the potential active threat and how to respond when faced with an actual event. We help you to recognize the red flags and develop the training needed not only for OSHA compliance but to help keep employees safe. This is included in EAP Development but can be added to an existing EAP or taught as a stand-alone course.


This course incorporates Active Threat: Stop the bleed training for basic field dressing and tourniquet application. The purpose of the course is to help prepare employees to stop blood loss during critical minutes before first responders arrive.


– Creating a Security Minded Culture

– Workplace Violence Prevention

– Sexual Harassment

– Anti-Bullying

The Cost of Workplace Violence


Million Reports

Of workers in the U.S. who report being victims of workplace violence each year.

Source: OSHA


Million Lost Days

Of work per year in the U.S. due to workplace violence.

Thousand Injuries

Non-fatal injuries caused by workplace violence in 2017.

Source: BLS 2017


Yearly Fatalities

Caused by workplace violence in 2017.


Our founder, Mr. Lilly develops customized training on topics ranging from workplace violence prevention to active shooter response to workplace bullying and sexual harassment prevention in compliance with OSHA regulations. Most recently he is part of the coalition presenting discussion drafts input for Cal/OSHA, General Industry Safety Orders Chapter 4, subchapter 7, “new section”.  He possesses a comprehensive background in conflict resolution and certification from Cornell University. Mr. Lilly has managed high security facilities; protected lives, public safety, and critical infrastructure; and transported high-risk felons and high-value equipment throughout the western United States.  


Mr. Lilly is a retired law enforcement supervisor with 20 years of service and experience, with another 35 years of experience in the legal support and security services industry. During his years in law enforcement, he spent years conducting specialized training for weapons, including the Glock, 9-millimeter, shotgun, and the Ruger Mini-14 rifle. He is California Post-Certified in Active Shooter Training for Trainers, Active Shooter Pre-Attack Behaviors, FBI Debriefing of Active Shooters, and bombing investigations. During his career, he received many letters of recognition from joint agency task forces and a letter of appreciation from the California State Assembly. With experience beyond his years and being a man of high integrity, Mr. Lilly remains personally driven to protect others and teach them the tools to protect themselves.


“Your generous donation of time and energy demonstrate a committed to strong support to children and victims of violent crimes.
 Your efforts help to ensure a better tomorrow for all  California is truly commendable.”
California Secretary / Former State Senator
Alex Padilla

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